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Welcome to, one of the leading sources of technology-related tutorials and free software on the Web.

Here at we have assembled a team of experts who can tackle almost any computer question you may have. From introductory walkthroughs for beginner computer users to advanced topics like securing Wi-Fi networks or opening obscure file types, our HowSpot experts have you covered. We pride ourselves on the authoritative knowledge of our experts and their ability to translate that knowledge into clear, concise tutorials will get you up and running in no time. So who are these experts of ours?

Meet The Team

Basic Computer Skills Coach
We all were computer beginners at one time or another, and that’s why I’m here. You’ll get help with typing techniques and some basic functions that every user should know when they’re starting out.

Graphics & Photo Genie
Free photo editing software has put professional-level tools in the hands of everyone, and I’m just the person to show you how to use them. Just don’t get too good at them, or I’ll be out of a job.

Office Applications Secretary
The days of paying hundreds of dollars for productivity software suites are long behind us. I’ll help you navigate downloading and using free software to replace pricey packages like Microsoft Office.

Media Maven
It’s the digital age, and storage is now measured in terabytes instead of square footage. I’ll clear up your questions and clarify that giant alphabet soup that is known as file extension names.

The Computer Security Guard
As hackers and viruses grow more prevalent and more intelligent, your security measures need to keep up. I’ll help keep your data safe from outside threats and teach you how to remove viruses if your computer has been compromised.

The Software Siren
There are as many programs as file formats out there, but who has the time and energy to figure out which one is compatible with which? The short answer to that question is “me” and I’m here to help.

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