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Microsoft Word v. OpenOffice Writer

July 17th, 2015  by Angelee

It may seem like there’s only one name in word processors, but OpenOffice Writer could change your mind.

When you’re first learning to use computers, among the basic skills you learn is creating documents using a word processor.

Since we’ve been trained from an early age to use Microsoft Word, you probably think it’s the default and only option available.

But what do you do when you don’t have access to Word, yet you still need all the same functionality? Enter OpenOffice Writer.

OpenOffice Writer is an open source version of a word processor. You can do virtually every task you’ve come to enjoy on Microsoft Word. Its interface resembles the toolbars and menus that you’re accustomed to, and the functionality and shortcuts are the same.

Additionally, OpenOffice Writer is compatible with Word. If you get a document from a Word user, or need to send a document created in Writer to a Word user, there will be no compatibility issues. Your document will open and read exactly as it was sent, with no formatting errors or lost content.

But I’ve saved the best part for last. OpenOffice Writer is FREE to own, use, and share. Since it’s an open source product, there is absolutely no cost to users!

So, when you’re comparing these 2 apples, which one is shinier—Microsoft Word that could cost you up to $200, or OpenOffice Writer that is 100% FREE?