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Product Of The Week: VLC Media Player

June 26th, 2015  by Angelee

VLC Media Player is an open source, cross-platform media player that will play most audio and video formats.

If you’re a movie or music buff, chances are you download files and play them on your computer.

For those familiar with the process, you know it’s not always foolproof. Sometimes you’ll run into issues with formatting, spotty playback, or incomplete files.

VLC Media Player is an all-in-one media helper. It is free, open source software that plays most audio and video formats that you can find on the Web. It can even help you fix you broken files or convert files into the formats that you need.

VLC Media Player is also high quality playback software. Not only can you watch or listen to your downloaded files, but you can also listen to CDs or watch DVDs that you own.

This function is especially helpful for those users who run Windows 8. Since Windows 8 no longer comes loaded with a media player, it is up to the user to download their own media player from the Windows Store. Sure, you could install Windows Media Player. But the better choice would be VLC Media Player!

VLC Media Player is the solution to all your media needs. With VLC Media Player on your computer, you’ll never have to worry about incompatible files, missing codecs, or bad quality playback.

Download VLC Media Player today!