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How To Convert FLAC To MP3

FLAC, which stands for “Free Lossless Audio Codec,” has become a popular file format for audiophiles who want to experience music at the highest possible bit rate, making sure that none of the subtle nuances of a recording are lost. The only issue is that the two most popular media players on the market, iTunes and Windows Media Player, both don’t support FLAC natively.

For those of us who don’t listen to our music on thousands of dollars’ worth of stereo equipment, it makes sense to convert FLAC files to the universally-supported MP3 format, which, while it may not sound as perfect as a FLAC, also takes up significantly less space on your hard drive. To convert FLAC to MP3, HowSpot recommends VLC Media Player for quick and painless conversion.

  • 1

    Download and install your free copy of VLC Media Player.

  • 2

    Run VLC Media Player for use.

  • 3

    Click Media > Convert / Save to bring up the VLC file converter.

  • 4

    Drag your FLAC file into the box, or you can add files by clicking the Add button.

  • 5

    Click Convert / Save at the bottom of the window.

  • 6

    Under the Profile drop-down, select Audio – MP3.

  • 7

    Click Browse to select a location to save your MP3 and to name your file.

  • 8

    Click Save and VLC will automatically start the file conversion.

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