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How To Get Free Antivirus Software

Free antivirus software does exist, and there are a number of options available to try. Free antivirus software is usually open source software, and many options are comprehensive programs with all the same features that paid products offer! recommends ClamAV. ClamAV is a comprehensive antivirus protection program that harnesses the power of a cloud-based community to detect and eradicate the latest malicious threats. ClamAV also features a number of fundamental security features, like a malware scanner, email scanner, firewall controls, and Internet security.

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    Search for “free antivirus software” on any search engine.

    How do you know what’s best? We recommend that you research the features of each antivirus software to find the one that best fits your needs. You should check if the antivirus software has the following:

    • Malware scanners
    • Internet security
    • Email scanner
    • On-demand scanner
    • Firewall protection
    • Parental controls
    • Virus databases (mostly cloud-based)
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    Download and install the product that you have chosen. Make sure you are downloading a full version and not just a trial (which often expire after 30 days).

  • 3Start using your free antivirus software! Check the following after installation:

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